Top 5 crazy spa treatments

Mojito physique scrub Envision your specialist mixing a cocktail in a hand, after that liberally slathering the sugary, lime and mint scented scrub around your body. This is a new selection of items at Hanmer Springs Health spa where I could possibly have chosen pina colada or cosmopolitan. Then after bathing the scrumptious combination off a minty/lime oil massage therapy awaits. Mud and bubbles I'm sitting on the coastline with my left leg over a stranger's upper leg and one more unfamiliar person's foot in my lap. This is the inquiring mud and bubbles massage at Eco Beach Hotel in West Australia.
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Fancy a fish foot spa? Photo / Megan Singleton Participants will learn about heart-healthy foods and recipes and hidden sources of sugar in their diet that lead to inflammation, bloating, disease, cancer and weight gain. They'll also learn how to read food labels and what toxic foods and hidden ingredients to avoid. There will be complimentary gift bags with organic produce from Hy-Vee for every attendee. Mart said there are eight food additives commonly found in food in the US that are banned in other countries. For weight loss, she encourages "foods by God, not by man" and encourages shoppers to focus on the perimeter of the grocery store.
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